The Motion Studio multimedia productions

Eduvision opleidingenFrom 2003 till now The Motion Studio has created and taught many different courses and workshops.

Some of the courses:

Masterclass PHP: This course handles the basics of Object Oriented programming with PHP

Advanced Masterclass PHP: As continuation of the Masterclass PHP this course handles the use of Design Patterns, how to set up a project with Zend Framework, creating unit tests with PHPUnit and using Agile project methods like eXtreme Programming and Scrum.

Actionscript 3: This course teaches the students Object Oriented programming with Actionscript 3

Ajax: This course teaches in depth programming with Javascript. Using modern javascript libraries like JQuery the students learn to implement Ajax within a website quickly.

Java: Student learn the basics of Java and Object Oriented programming.

XML: This short course handles teh basics of XML, creating a Document Type Definition (DTD) and XML-schemes (XSD)

UML: This course teaches the students how to design software using the Unified Modelling Language. Using Enterprise Architect to create UML diagrams