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NRG, Nuclear Services for Energy, Environment & Health

In 2010 I was asked to become coach for the software development team at NRG.

NRG specialized in monitoring nuclear processes. The software written at NRG was outdated and NRG wanted to update the knowledge of the software team so it would be able to write their complex software in a more professional modern way. We started training the team on Object Oriented Programming in PHP en helped designing a new development platform, based on Zend Framework, to deliver new functionality faster. After the team’s technical knowledge was up-to-date, we introduced Scrum as a new project management methodology.

The software development team quickly adopted the new methodology and recognized the improvements of managing their projects. Management where enthusiastic but had difficulties understanding the organizational impact of having self organized teams that using Scrum implies. The organizational structure was based upon an older model with expertise based teams instead of multi disciplinair teams. In a Prince-2 based organization where generating documents seems to be a goal in itself, Scrum is viewed as an outsider. With Scrum we only create documents that really add information to be able to direct the process.

Lately the management team expressed their appreciation of the Scrum methodology for it’s transparancy and revealing problems early.