The Motion Studio multimedia productions

With more than twenty years of experience in developing software, at first for desktop applications and later for Internet applications, we have used many different development methodologies. After years of software development, training programmers and coaching software teams we have concluded that the best development methods to date are the Agile methods.

Adopting Agile within a company is not as easy as most books lead to believe.

The Motion Studio has specialized in coaching companies that want to change from old developments methods to Agile (mainly Scrum and eXtreme Programming).
Unfortunately the quality of Internet applications is often worse than the more settled desktop applications. It is our vision that good written programming code is not just written neatly following coding standards, but it is also well tested. Nowadays there are many professional tools for writing high quality software. Tools like PHPUnit, phing, PHP codesniffer and PHP mess detector can be used by teams to validate the code they have written. This tremendously increases the quality of the software and for programmers it is even fun to test their code.