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Succes met ScrumYou are an employee of a company that runs software projects, internally or for external customers. In your organisation the projects are delivered late and over budget also. You have heard of Agile methodologies and maybe heard that Scrum has gained much popularity over the last years. Maybe you have even used Scrum in one or two projects. You will find or have already found out that Scrum in principle is quite simple but will leave a lot of practical questions unanswered. This book tries to answer your practical questions about Scrum.

This book covers the Scrum theory because without a thorough understanding of the Scrum principles we could not use it in practise. During my coaching projects within companies the same questions pop up every time. “Why do we estimate task complexity in storypoints instead of hours?”, “Why should we have the team working on one project at a time instead of multiple projects?”, “How do I sell Scrum to my customers?”, “What is the biggest project that Scrum can handle?” The answers to these questions often are best practises that have been found due to trial and error or thorough research.

If we use Scrum in prictise we soon discover that it is not the magical solution to all of your problems. Scrum offers a framework within you can better manage your projects. The biggest power of Scrum might be to offer transparancy. It uncovers problems in your project in an early stage so you can fix the problem without much harm done. Scrum offers much attention to the human aspect in projects. Aspects like communication, company culture and company structure, but also the fact that everyone can have a bad day and produces less than an average day.

This book includes a thorough introduction to the Scrum methodology and offers answers to every day questions when using Scrum.

For now this book is published in Dutch only