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Cone of uncertainty voor Agile projecten

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Wouter Tengeler has founded The Motion Studio multimedia productions in 2003 and has been working as Software engineer, trainer and Agile coach since then. His main goal in life: Do only things you like and do them well.
  1. Rik Manhaeve

    I think Jeff Sutherland is right to some point. The same cone of uncertainty as the one in waterfall is no longer true. The one in waterfall was the uncertainty in time (mostly) and to some degree in budget. Agile projects have a fixed duration and a fixed budget.
    In waterfall we knew (to some extend and only vaguely) what will be delivered, the cost and time were unsure. To put it bluntly, in Agile we know how long it will take, what it will cost but not what will be delivered. The uncertainty has shifted. More data on how projects were seen at the start (scope and content) and how this evolved towards the end could show a chart that may look similar. But this is also a wild guess of mine.

  2. Manhaeve Hendrik

    In my opinion the uncertainty has shifted. Before we knew the scope but not the time and budget, in Agile we know what we will pay and how long it will take, but not what we will get. A study comparing what was expected and what was delivered could shed some light. Time and budget are fixed, scope is not – that was Agile says. There will be again some cone of uncertainty (I am certain about that) but it will not measure the same thing as in Waterfall.

    BTW: your form is almost invisible in Firefox, I had to jump around to find teh elements.

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